Charles Dickens, In the french-flemish country

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‘It is neither a bold nor a diversified country,’ said I to myself, ‘this country which is three-quarters Flemish, and a quarter French; yet it has its attractions too. Though great lines of railway traverse it, the trains leave it behind, and go puffing off to Paris and the South, to Belgium and Germany, to the Northern Sea-Coast of France, and to England, and merely smoke it a little in passing. Then I don’t know it, and that is a good reason for being here; and I can’t pronounce half the long queer names I see inscribed over the shops, and that is another good reason for being here, since I surely ought to learn how.’ In short, I was ‘here,’ and I wanted an excuse for not going away from here, and I made it to my satisfaction, and stayed here.

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Imprimeries et ateliers typographiques de Dunkerque (1674-1750)

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Westhoekpedia s’enrichit de textes numérisés relatifs à l’histoire de la Flandre française. Nous commencerons par une étude d’Alexandre Lesmaries sur l’histoire de l’imprimerie à Dunkerque au XVIIe et XVIIIe siècle.
Cette publication est aussi l’occasion de dresser une bibliographie sommaire sur le sujet. N’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos remarques et de vos ajouts dans les commentaires.

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